Remote Tax Prep

We prepare your tax return while you remain in the safety and comfort of your home. Contact us now!

So, how does this work?

  • To start off, we will communicate with you via phone, text message, or email... whatever you prefer. Once you agree for us to prepare your taxes, away we go!


  • Next, we will invite you to a private, secure tax portal to upload your documents and answer the tax-related questions.


  • Then, we do the boring stuff on our end... we prepare your tax return.  But the cool part is, your CPA is working for you! Your deductions will be maximized so that you get the biggest refund possible, or have the smallest payment possible*.


  • You look over the tax return, we answer any questions you have (we can even jump on a live web meeting to review your tax return with you in real-time), and once you approve the return, we e-file** it for you!

  • Done!


Security is our top priority. We use bank-level security encryption at all times. No one, we mean NO ONE, will have access to your private and financial information except you and your trusted CPA!  

Ready? Contact us now! We are here for you!

*We don't guarantee you will get a refund. We also don't guarantee the refund or payment amount.

**Not all tax returns can be e-filed. In those cases, we will e-deliver your tax return to you so you can file it through snail-mail.